Monday, February 25, 2008


I don't seem to have any time for regular blog posts the last few days, I've had so much work to do. The horses aren't really any different, including the eye. I'll call the vet in a few days and see where we go from here. Right now I'm not really that upset, I guess I'm just sort of numb from this long haul. I really do believe that she will recover well if we do have to operate, and it's almost to the point where I would like to get it over with just so she doesn't have to deal with constant discomfort from the eye. This ordeal has aged her visibly, to me anyway. I want her to bounce back and not have anything irritating to deal with.

I do feel depressed overall for various reasons, especially in that it seems like everything around me is either broken or sick. Including my wallet! :-D So, I don't have the energy for a bunch of cheerful posts right now, but please don't think I am wallowing in misery if I don't post much for awhile. I just need time to myself to try to regain energy. I need to sleep and read fluffy books and ride Anatolian. :-)

Ciao for now.



On The Bit said...

I am sure Mira will bounce back just fine. I know you think she has aged, but she is probibly just as over being hurt as you are. My horse turned into a different creature entirely during the injury. He came back though. Just like Mira will. I think riding the race horse will do you some good. I think some time to just do stuff for youself sounds like a good idea. *hugs*

photogchic said...

Rent some good movies (have you seen 3:10 to Yuma? I like westerns and it had Christian Bale yeah:-)...and curl up a couple days if you have to. I know how emotionally draining all this horse stuff is--we are here if you need to lean on us. Hang in there girl.

Mary said...


Naming her Mira [Look] is a very good indication she will recover and see fine...

Mary Haley

Rising Rainbow said...

I can understand you wanting to be done with it. The long drawn out things are tough to deal with.

Mira will be ok with whatever you decide.

L said...

OTB: Thanks, that is reassuring.

Julie: Actually, I haven't seen "3:10 to Yuma." I know, I'm so deprived... I've heard it's really good. Yup, emotionally draining is the term!

Mary: I hope so!

MiKael: I don't know how you've survived having 20+ horses around doing their best to injure themselves! I might go crazy one of these days... But you're right, she seems pretty cheerful, really.