Monday, February 11, 2008


Wow, talk about a tearjerker blog.

Saving Argus

This is all about a horse rescued from horrible, prisonlike conditions. I am so touched by this lady's writing. Reading the blog reminded me, for some reason, that as a Christian this is what was done for me. I was born into sin, meaning I was already messed up, and didn't need any urging to do bad things and get more messed up. Sin sometimes appears nice to us, but the more we do it, the smaller our trap gets. We can't jump out because we have an evil prison guard. It requires somebody to come and rescue us. That is what Jesus did for me. I don't always think about the enormity of my rescue, but I should. If reading about this one horse getting a new life, a chance to be the horse he was meant to be, gives me such goosebumps, then...

I think I'm going to go listen to "Martyr's Song" again. Ciao for tonight, and blessings! See you tomorrow for more pics (hopefully!).


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