Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Pictures

You can see the mud on Andolu's legs - I took the photo when I was about half done grooming him. He likes to roll even when it is really cold mud, which I keep telling him is crazy. Oh well! In Mira's pic you can't really tell anything is wrong, which is nice. Both horses have definitely, uh, put on the pounds, though! Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to start riding him before long. Ha ha... Well, we can always hope, right? :-D



photogchic said...

He is putting on the weight!! He looks like a happy boy. Looking forward to hearing about your Andolu rides.

Rising Rainbow said...

Exercise would probably be a good thing. Might even think about a little diet. You wouldn't want to add founder to you list of difficulties. I have a couple I am watching closely.

L said...

MiKael - thank you, I definitely don't want founder either! Now that it's not raining and I'm able to keep them separate again, he is getting much less. Before I had to give him a lot so Mira had time to finish hers... not the ideal plan, but oh well!