Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally, a new Mira Pic!

While I still have the borrowed camera, I've taken some pictures of Mira - yay!

She is doing quite well. I really missed her while I was gone, but you know what's funny? We have 2 dogs, who belong to my younger siblings. I do things with Mira several times a day, but she is used to having other people feed her in the morning while I'm at work. The dogs get fed/played with several times a day also, but usually by the same person every time. The weird thing is, apparently Mira figured out right away that I was gone - my Mom says she went into "hibernate" mode and just sat around, ate, and sat around. The dogs, however, kept periodically barking for my siblings to come out and play, and they continued that for more than a day before they finally gave up - but the dogs are right next to the house, and Mira's pasture is 30'-40' away - are horses just more alert to things like that???

Anyway, Mira definitely was glad to see me... well, until I gave her a bath! She needed it though. I usually only hose her off, and maybe do conditioner once a week, so it's always amazing how blinding white she becomes when she's actually been cleaned with SOAP. :-D

Hope you are all having a great start to your week! As soon as I get my Expo pictures organized I'll be posting a few.


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