Sunday, June 3, 2007

Someone I Really Admire

I just found this article. I love how this guy thinks all the time, and how simple his techniques are! I especially liked the bit about the turkey Gobbledygo - certain family members will understand why! LOL

Not much going on lately, just the usual. Mira is doing well, though the flies are crazy right now. No matter how much I work at controlling them with traps, fly predators, and (a little bit of) fly spray, they still are being a real pain. There are so many horses on our road that even if I get rid of my flies, that just leaves more room for flies from the other properties :-( ... For some reason hardly any of my neighbors ever pick up manure! So, I am thinking I might just buy a couple extra orders of fly predators and scatter them by night over some of the neighbors' fences - shh, don't tell! Well, maybe I should just ask first? :-)


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Rising Rainbow said...

I love fly predators and they work best when I keep my manure pile covered as well.

Sharing them with your neighbors probably wouldn't offend them. They are so little no one will know what they are anyway. Only problem is they might be using something that will kill them.