Friday, June 15, 2007

Horse Expo 2007: Saturday Evening

The Saturday Evening Extravaganza at the Western States Horse Expo was a 2+ hours long show! Tommy Turvey did several acts between the other exhibitors, including some fun comedy stunts.

Everyone in our party, including the non-horsey ones, had a good time watching the variety of acts. One lady with an Arabian dressage horse came out and began a musical freestyle, but unfortunately her music stuck and could not be made to play past a certain point - so she was unable to finish. :-(

The California Cowgirls drill team galloped in in formation, and did even more displays than the previous evening - watching drill teams reminds me strongly of trapeze artists, for some reason! I think it's the timing...
The main thing I wish the Expo management would change is the ultra boring "We'd like to thank our sponsors" that they did too many times. Why don't they just have a "salute to the sponsors" moment, and flash the names on the screen while they tell us "these companies donated a big chunk of money, so if you like the Expo then please buy some of their products," we all know that's what they mean anyway!

One of the most exciting acts of the whole show was the chariot race! Tommy and Karen Turvey racing each other! Guess who won???


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Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, that looks like fun! Don't know that I want to drive one of those things but it'd be fun to watch. Glad you had a good time.