Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Horse Expo!

This weekend I will be attending the Western States Horse Expo! I have gone every year for the last few years, and it is always really fun! Of course, I will come home sunburned, exhausted, and a bit stiff from walking miles and miles every day (the grounds are BIG), but my camera will be filled with cool pictures and my head stuffed with new info, ideas, and good examples.

In fact, the opportunity to watch the "best of the best" ride is one of my favorite parts of this deal. It's so important to SEE what I'm aiming for and where I want to get in my riding. It especially has helped me connect the dots a lot better with some of the reining and cutting maneuvers - you can read about them, but seeing them is a whole different experience. One of these days, I'll get to actually DO those maneuvers, and hopefully I'll have a head start on learning proper form!

My younger sister's and brother's favorite part of the Expo last year was the free Breyer horse painting - they like hands-on things. I have to admit, that part was fun! I should put up a picture of the little Breyer models we did last year...

One of my favorite events each year is the Magnificent 7 competition - 7 horses and 7 riders compete in cutting, reining, steer stopping, and down the fence work. Last year I believe Bob Avila won both 1st and 2nd places! I love watching this event, for a lot of reasons. I have a few funny stories I will have to tell about some of the antics of the cows!

For some reason we've never made it to the Saturday Evening Extravaganza, but this year we intend to go - I can hardly wait. :-)

I look forward to telling you guys all about what it was like this year! I will try to do a post each evening, journal form, but we'll see!!! I also intend to visit a horse rescue place near there on Sunday, so I'll let you guys know how that goes as well.


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