Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Remember Disaster Planning

Just a reminder to update your distaster preparedness plans!

The South Lake Tahoe fire has reminded me to be thinking about this. I'm glad we've done so much on our property already this year, (I think this might be our best year yet as far as how early everything was cleared) but evacuation is always still a possibility. A lady I know was moving to their Lake Tahoe house for the summer last weekend - they had packed everything up, including their cats, and moved it all to their summer house. They came back here unexpectedly for the weekend to finish something - their house was 2 doors from where the fire started. It burned to the ground while they were gone, and they lost almost all they owned. Even the cats are gone. :-( This disaster was not their fault, as no amount of planning could have prevented such a tragedy. It is a hard time for them, and I'm sure it will take them quite a while to recover.

Fires always scare me, and this one kind of shook me up for a few days, since it happened to people I know. Around here they say that we are a couple decades overdue for a major fire, and I don't like the sound of that! So, I'm double checking things and making an evacuation list for Mira and her stuff. I may not be able to prevent a fire, but I can do my best to make sure that everything important survives...


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Rising Rainbow said...

I always worry about fire too. And not just the kind that comes in from someplace else. I worry about electrical fires because even though we do everything we can about rodents the little varmits still manage to show up now and then and they chew on wires.

I'm sorry for your friends loss. That is very sad.