Sunday, June 17, 2007


Here is another slightly older picture of Mira. This was her grazing a few months ago, back when the grass was green. Sigh...

What I'm up to currently: Fencing again! I have a sneaking (well, no, actually a stomping) suspicion that I will be working on fencing off and on for pretty much the rest of my life. :-) So, it's a good thing I sorta like it! We've made a lot of progress at cutting weeds the last few weeks, and I've been slowly removing some old fencing. There is still quite a bit to do, though. I was hoping to do more on Saturday, but a relative had a bit of an emergency, so not much work happened. Oh well, people are more important than projects!
The previous owners had a lot of barbed wire fencing for the 2 horses they had, which is now sagging and rusty. Eeek! Not good stuff. I will be taking all of that out, fixing some posts and replacing others, and eventually putting up woven wire fence. It'll be nice to have more room for Mira to run around in!

Someday, if and when I can live in a wetter climate, I think it would be fun trying out how to do fencing with hedges. They've done that for hundreds of years in Europe, and it kind of intrigues me. Of course, that is assuming you stay on the same property for more than a few years! Anyway, I think it would be fun to find out more about how they did their hedges.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy your Monday. :-D



photogchic said...

At first I thought, "Fencing, like with a sword?" but I soon figured it out:-) Hedges would be nice wouldn't they.

L said...

Sword fencing! I'm afraid my life isn't quite THAT exciting, LOL. I should try it though sometime, just to mess with my parents' heads - they would be so shocked! :-)

Rising Rainbow said...

You're right, fencing will be an ongoing thing! LOL