Thursday, June 14, 2007

Paul Potts and a thought about Heaven

Wow. I just finished watching 2 incredible videos of Paul Potts, a contestant on Britain's Got Talent. He is a very ordinary looking man who got on stage and WOWED Simon Cowell, the judges, and everybody else in the world. Opera fame, here he comes!

Go here and watch the first one, RIGHT NOW, and then watch this one immediately after. Do it!

Such a wonderful thing to happen to this guy!!!

The reason for this post, however, is that the last couple days I have been really arguing with God about something, and it's been kind of exhausting. It was completely my fault, because I was trying to do something He didn't want, and I was basically stomping my foot about it. Anyway, He did finally get through today, and right after that I saw this video the first time. After watching both several times, I suddenly realized something.

Everyone in audience, the judges, all the people who have watched this video, we are all cheering for this guy. We are SO glad he is getting all this praise and fame and recognition! It warms our hearts...

Then, I started to imagine:

It is Heaven's gateway. The scene about to take place is the arrival of yet another believer, finally Home, safe now, forever. Gathered around in eager anticipation are family members, friends, and the Holy One.

Suddenly, through the gate, escorted by angels, she comes! Her face is astonished, and her eyes widen as she starts to see the splendor and magnificence of Heaven's outer edges. The crowd bursts into excited cheers and applause, jumping up and down, calling her name, crying "Finally! We've been waiting SOO long for this day! And you have too, even though you didn't realize how much you were longing for this!"

Now she looks shy, overwhelmed. She thinks "What? Is everyone cheering for ME? Why? I worked hard on Earth, I did my best to love Jesus with everything in me, but still... This is totally awesome! It is so cool how everyone is so excited with me!"

Then, everyone's eyes are drawn to a tall figure as Jesus steps forward. She falls on her knees, overcome by joy. Weeping, she looks up into His face as He bends over and pull her into an embrace. She cannot bear the Love in His eyes - she never dreamed how much He loved her! He whispers, "Welcome home, good and faithful servant. Share in the joy I have been preparing for you from ages past! At last, I can start to show you all the good things I have in store, and at last I can tell you the reasons for so many things you wondered about below! Finally, I can give you your reward!"

Sometimes an emotion on Earth, like rooting for the underdog, or cheering for the victor, will give me a little picture of what Heaven will be like when I get there...


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N said...

Yes. I was just reading The Great Divorce, by C. S. Lewis, for the first time, and was awestruck by his imaginations of heaven and hell. Not that C. S. Lewis is impressive himself, though he is, but because his imaginings sound so right. Read the book and see! :)