Thursday, June 14, 2007

Horse Expo 2007: Photo Collage

The top photo is of an oddity that I always wonder about - a grass-covered truck. Is it some sort of strange mascot for Cal Expo? It is located in the kid's section, so I guess it's just something fun and weird for them to see. Either that, or management wanted to have something that would make everyone take pictures and make guesses... :-)

Second picture - Aren't those cute burros? We saw them walking around in pack strings quite often during the Expo.

The next pictures are of Tommy Turvey, the "Equine Extremist" and his trick-training clinic. I don't really like it when horses do strange tricks like sitting down, but I think bowing horses are extremely elegant, and it seems like something the horses really enjoy, too!

The last picture is of the California Cowgirl drill team - they are so incredible to watch in person! I suppose they must make mistakes in timing occasionally, but I've never caught one - some of their patterns require split second timing and they always seem to get it right! And I gotta say, I am definitely a girl, because I just love all the glitter and sparkles on their costumes and on their horses! :-D

These are some of the best pictures I got this year - enjoy. Now, if I can get the time to finish the post about Saturday evening...


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