Friday, June 8, 2007

Horse Expo 2007: Day 1

I just got back a little while ago from the Expo, and wow oh wow! The last thing we saw before we left tonight was Tommy Turvey doing chariot racing and roman riding. (i.e. riding two horses, standing up, with one foot on each horse's back) He has two black and white Paint geldings that he does the roman riding with, and he has this trick where he runs them along the arena fence and then jumps up on the fence and runs along it, leaning over to still hold the reins, before jumping back down to stand with one feet on each horse's back again. It was very exciting! That was the half-time show for the Magnificent 7 - we had to leave then, so I don't know yet who won... It might have been Brother White, or it might have been Really A Reyner, who is a very cute mare, or it could be someone totally different...

My sis and I followed our long tradition of eating burritos and ice-cream cones for meals.

We enjoyed watching the Parellis, Pat & Linda, perform, and I will try to recap it a little more tomorrow - they gave me an idea to try with Mira!

We wandered through the shopping areas, and saw about 4 zillion cool items for sale. I managed to avoid getting anything not planned for though - so far!

A friend of mine very kindly lent me her digital camera for this trip, so I have been able to take a LOT of pictures, and will see if I can post some tomorrow morning, as well as more details about what it was like. Good night all!


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